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1982 .

Founded in 1982, FPDI, a company specialising in plastic injection, we are located in the heart of the Dordogne. In 1998, the production unit produced our first hunting ammunition, and that was the year that marked the beginning of our passion for this product.


Years of experimentation have allowed us to master the complex mechanics of ballistics and the specific characteristics of sport and hunting cartridges. As our production volumes increased, our ecological conscience prompted us to replace plastic with a biodegradable material. The first trials began in 2009. We were confronted by the fact that "plastic has incredible properties" and is difficult to reproduce using biodegradable materials. After several inconclusive tests, it became clear that we had to find out how to optimise the mechanical capacities of biodegradable materials to create a reliable product over time.


As idea followed idea, and test followed test, we learned to master the transformation of these materials. The fruit of this experience was the patent we filed in 2018. This patent represents the culmination of years of hard work and research. Technically it allows us, using biodegradable material, to make the performance of cartridges reliable over time in complete safety. We had the starting point for making the loading of the cartridges ecologically friendly.


Although in 2009, few people were concerned about ecology; things are different today, and that is a good thing. But beware, there is a good chance that, under pressure from the media, many "bio" products will see the light of day, some of them produced in a hurry. To ensure there would be no confusion with poorly manufactured products simply stamped ‘bio’, we decided to establish the PURNAT brand to offer consumers a transparent choice.

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