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Towards a zero ecological impact. 




Our philosophy is to invent and to optimise our products so that they tend towards a zero ecological impact. We are highly motivated to this end, but we have a red line that we must never cross; that is your safety. We never lose sight of the fact that these products have a pyrotechnic purpose. Safety can never, in any circumstances be arbitrary, and we make our choices accordingly.


The choice of products with a long lifespan, because hunting is a hazardous activity where you have to have more ammunition than you need. It is inconceivable that any shooting incidents should occur. As for expired cartridges, disposing of them in the dustbin is unthinkable.


There are other areas where we have to make judgements.


Judgements about the choice of material, and, therefore, about the way it will degrade. This will influence the methods of production, manufacture, packaging and distribution… Each one of these elements will have a more or less positive impact on the environment. Determining the material means increasing or decreasing the ecological impact, both upstream and downstream of use.


Your safety and the environment are of critical importance to us,

working today for future generations is our challenge,

and we are guided by a passion for both ballistic and environmental performance.

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